ahmed radwan

Design Creative

I am an explorer and by nature, I’m always driven to explore new art, inspiration & techniques. I’m an experienced freelance design creative based in Cambridge, UK. I have worked in the creative industry since 2008, and have been providing graphic design services to a variety of clients and companies throughout the world since then. I’ve done some in-house design work, worked through agencies as well as working directly with my own growing list of clients. I am equally happy working in print and digital media and have an extensive portfolio in both.


Again as an explorer, I’m always intrigued to explore the world we live in. Whether in nature, or in man-made cities, I always carry my camera around. My focus is Landscape & Travel Photography and it is my way to disconnect but to also tell stories, bringing you, as well as my friends and family, along my trips.


The human body is a work of art, and surgery is an art backed by a tremendous amount of science, precision, and calculated decision-making. It is also an art that I love and have been working in since 2019.